you told me ‘acoustic songs are always better’
and I laughed, not because it was funny,
but because I was seventeen and you were cute
and I would’ve done or said anything to make you love me
the way I thought I loved you

and I guess you would say that
you always went for the acoustic girls
soft, quiet, and easy to love

but I am far from acoustic.

I am the live version of your favorite song
sharp and rough around the edges
fast and loud and imperfect
cracked voices screaming words you’ll never forget

I am sweat and spilled drinks
going insane in a crowd of emotions
joy and anger and exultation in the same breath

but you were right
acoustic songs always sound better
but they’ll never leave you breathless
and begging for more

— High school crushes are stupid and beautiful and I’m finally over it (x)

Stop being sad please, please stop being sad.

“Touch me without using your hands.”